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Frequently-asked Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions

If your further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us

SIM & WiFi


Once you have placed your order you will be receiving an email confirmation with your booking details. Please review the same to make sure all details are correct. Depending on your choice of Delivery you may receive a secondary email from us with the details of your booking.

We offer FREE cancellations upto 3 working days prior to the start of your booking, when your order is shipped. Unfortunately, no cancellation requests can be entertained once your order has been shipped

Yes, we allow FREE date change till upto your order is shipped, i.e 3 days prior to the start of your booking. However, once the order has been shipped unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate any changes.


All payments processed on kitmytrip are encrypted, secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology and served via a PCI DSS Compliant Payment Gateway Infrastructure delivered by Payfort, an Amazon Company.

Currently, we accept all VISA and Mastercard issued credit and debit cards.


Please visit http://www.kitmytrip.com/activate to activate your SIM. 

You need to enter your Booking ID, the email address used to book the SIM, and the SIM card number. You can also refer to the SIM instructional handy guide included in your SIM pack.

Note that it will take at least 30 minutes to activate your SIM card.

Yes. Your personal/company information provided shall be protected in accordance with the UK online privacy laws. The privacy policy is available at https://kitmytrip.com/privacy for more details.

Note: You must provide correct and complete information and notify kitmytrip of any changes.

When you buy a phone from your Local Telecom Operator more often than not, the phones can only be used with their SIM card that is , they are “Network Locked” . In such situations no other SIM card can work with the handset. Please check on the same before you travel to avoid any inconvenience.

Most of our SIM calls provide for local calling and local SMS. Please review the individual product descriptions to confirm your pack inclusions.

Your SIM is pre-activated and ready for use. In case you are still unable to use your SIM please do not hesitate to reach us on care@kitmytrip.com and we will be happy to assist.
We have noticed that for some of our customers confirming the below steps can also solve the problem

- Make sure your phone is not in Airplane mode
- Restart your phone after inserting SIM
- Try the SIM card in a different phone and verify if it is working
- Data is not working on my phone – what should I do?
- Your SIM card is pre-configured and therefore the data should be accessed directly. Please make sure that mobile data is on. Even then if the data is not working on your phone you may have to update the APN settings on your phone

- Click on Settings > Connections > Mobile Network > Access Point Name > Click Add New APN

- Name: Provided with your SIM pack

- APN: Provided with your SIM pack

Yes. Most of our SIMs packs provide coverage in Europe as well and that too without any additional roaming charges. Please review the individual product description to verify the coverage.

Most of our SIM plans will be valid for 30 days from Activation; however please review the individual product description to confirm the details

An eSIM is an embedded SIM card that is fixed inside the smartphone. It uses the same technology as the physical SIM card, and there is no need to insert it, neither removing it. You can learn more about eSIM by clicking here.

You can check the list of the supported smartphones by clicking here.


We offer FREE Hotel deliveries anywhere in the world. At checkout, please ensure to provide the Hotel details the person’s name under which the reservation has been made to facilitate the delivery.

To ensure timely delivery of your SIM card we ship your order 3 days prior to the start of your booking. We offer FREE updates prior to the shipping. However, any requests received after the SIM pack has been shipped cannot be accommodated and the service will be charged in full.

We offer FREE delivery anywhere in the UK. Any Special requests (Express Delivery, Re-routed deliveries etc. are charged at a small fee. Please select your delivery method at checkout for the charges.

You must place your order a minimum of 3 days in advance of your travel to the UK, allowing us to guarantee delivery upon your arrival. We also offer an Express Next day delivery option with a small fee.

For example, if you are arriving on the 16 Jun (Thursday), your booking should be no later than 13 Jun (Monday).

Yes, we also offer an Express Guaranteed Next day delivery service. Please select the same at Checkout.

eSIM can be delivered at the same day, once the order has been processed. You will be receiving the details via email.

We work with some of the leading courier companies and can arrange for the SIM packs to be shipped to you. Please drop us a note on care@kitmytrip.com with your details and we will be happy to assist.



- Select an activity or attraction. Click the Tour Date to check for availability and select a date. Only available dates will be highlighted.

- Some tours have multiple options that will appear on the main page eg: tour language, seating, public group or private tour, etc. Be sure to select the options relevant to you. You’ll then be prompted to select your desired starting time (if applicable) and the number of participants in your group. Then click ‘Continue’

- Fill in your personal information and payment details on the following page and click ‘Confirm booking’

- Once you submit your booking the reservation will be confirmed and you will receive an email , this will not be your ticket. In most cases booking is confirmed immediately after purchase or in the next few hours - unless indicated otherwise on the activity description. You’ll receive the ticket voucher via a separate email. Please print your ticket (unless it’s a mobile voucher) and bring it to the meeting point stated on the ticket.

You can either register online or continue as a guest when making a purchase. We recommend that you register and create an account so you can access your order directly on our  website anytime, anywhere; and also receive various offers and discounts.

In most cases booking is confirmed immediately after purchase or in the next few hours - unless indicated otherwise on the activity description. You’ll receive a booking confirmation e-mail which is NOT your ticket and another email with the voucher. If you’re a registered client you can confirm and also download your vouchers, directly from your account. If you’re not registered and fail to receive your confirmation email, check your Spam folder or contact us at care@kitmytrip.com.

Different activities have different confirmation times which are indicated in the activity details. Most activities are either instantly confirmed or confirmed within 24 hours.

With an open ticket you can enter a museum, exhibition, or any other attraction during operating hours, without having to decide a specific day and time. The day ticket is valid for the whole day (24hrs- during working hours of the activity) that you reserve, without a specific time, while the reservation ticket is valid only on the day and the time that you select during the purchase.

Many of our guided tours include transportation to and from your hotel. Please check the ‘What’s included’ section of the product's page to check if this service is available.

We offer currently over 120 attractions and activities across 6 destinations. Simply search by destination.

kitmytrip does not offer bookings for flights, car rental or hotels yet. We specialize in sightseeing tours, excursions, attractions and events.


kitmytrip displays activity prices in a number of currencies. The price can be viewed in USD, HKD, SGD, THB, CNY, MYR, EUR & GBP but the billing currency would remain USD, the credit card statement would show the price in USD. kitmytrip does not charge any service fees or additional fees. If for some reason you see any extra fees, please check with your credit card issuer.

First choose your preferred currency from the drop down menu on the website or within your settings on the app. Check the cost of your preferred currency by selecting the package and date, then adjusting the units to reveal the final amount payable. Kindly note that due to currency fluctuation, the cost of the same activity may marginally change from time to time.

Whilst kitmytrip does not charge any handling fee in addition to the amount stated on our platform, foreign transaction fees may be levied by your card's issuing bank if you pay in a non-local currency. Please check with your bank if you have any queries prior to making a purchase.

Yes, we use an online payment system that is internationally recognized and entirely secure. It protects against fraud and unauthorized transactions by encrypting your payment information.

kitmytrip accepts all major international credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, and the leading digital wallet payments such as Apple Pay and Ali Pay, with more convenient payment options coming up soon, and guarantees the highest standards of security and control.

Your credit card will be charged immediately upon booking. If the local tour operator does not accept your booking, the charged amount will be credited back to the account from which the charge was drawn at no extra cost.

Changes and Cancellations

It may be possible to make changes to your reservation, however this depends upon the type of change required and is at the discretion of the travel service provider. Contact kitmytrip Customer Care with your booking code and we’ll be able to advise you if the change is possible. Please select your tour carefully, as not all travel service providers will accept changes once you’ve received confirmation of your reservation.

Unfortunately, not all tours and tickets can be cancelled as it depends on the policy of the individual travel service provider. Details can be found both on the product page and voucher. While we do our best to accommodate our customers, we must conform to our partner's policies. If you would like to cancel your booking write to ca@kitmytrip.com

Resolve a Problem

Check your spam folder. Otherwise, we may have sent you an email stating when you can expect your voucher. While we’ve successfully received your reservation we might be waiting for further confirmation from the tour organizer. You’ll receive the tickets by the date stated in the email. If you haven’t received an email or your voucher contact us at care@kitmytrip.com

If you’re registered all of your purchase details can be viewed in the profile you created at registration. If you made a purchase as a guest, send an email to care@kitmytrip.com, and we’ll resend you the reservation confirmation. If the reservation requires a print-out voucher, you must reprint the voucher to access your activity.

Check the information on your order voucher and search here on our FAQs. If you don’t find an answer, contact us at care@kitmytrip.com

Most, not all tour operators accept e-tickets upon entry, as they will be scanning the bar code/QR code that's in it. However, we recommend that you bring a print-out copy of your voucher.

Refer to the contact details listed on your voucher and contact the tour operator for instructions. There’s no guarantee you’ll be able to join your tour at a later departure, as they may be fully booked. Please allow sufficient time, whenever possible, to reach the departure point in time for your tour. Many travel services carry heavy cancellation penalties.

You can type your desired product on our search bar and verify if it’s available. If it is not available, feel free to send us any recommendations to c@ktmytrip.com.

The voucher will be emailed to your after receiving a confirmation email from kitmytrip.