Your Travel Essential



@KitMyTrip we are passionate about traveling and our wanderlusts have taken the individuals at KMT around the globe 16.6 times (and counting) collectively accumulating millions of miles between ourselves.

Logging all these miles has brought us up close and personal with the great aspects of traveling – meeting new people, exploring new place, the scrumptious culinary experiences, stuffing your shopping back into your bags and the challenges and hurdles too like: the mundane activities a.k.a. searching for public WiFi (unsecured) because you want to update Facebook, driving around the city using an old school GPS instead of Google Maps, selecting a restaurant without reading about it first, speaking with the concierge desk for any deals on sightseeing activities with nothing to compare the rates being offered with, currency conversions, paying with cash (passé) and not plastic... the list goes on.

KMT offers you just the ‘kit’ for your next trip to the UAE as a one-stop shop for all your travel essentials.

@KitMyTrip we are constantly striving to make travel and all its facets easy for the new age Digital Traveller with our specific and targeted solutions. Our first service: BookMyWiFi: a 4G/LTE mobile WiFi hotspot rental service (Pocket WiFi) keeps you connected to your loved ones via the internet, throughout UAE simultaneously connecting multiple devices seamlessly at local rates.

The second offering is BookMyExperiences: our travel portal- to experience the splendour of UAE at the most competitive and reasonable rates/ without a hole in the pocket.

Explore our services for availing fantastic discounts and deals, to make your travel worthwhile!

    #StayConnected Globally.