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Lisbon Recaptured. Another weekend on those cobbled streets

Central yet still feels like a hideaway, raised up to the heavens - a soft spot is perched lovingly on a hill overlooking cosy Lisbon. ​

I arrived with a small suitcase – top tip, travel light to prepare for all the walking!​

The Memmo Príncipe Real. A friendly luxury, contemporary haven and a beacon for sunlight; where therapeutically bathing in the rays while gazing at stunning views is a must. ​

Lounging by the rooftop pool, gazing out at gorgeous, glistening views with a halloumi salad – I was in heaven.  ​

A dining area with a golden, Moorish charm and an air of majesty. The rooms - equally as exquisite: Juliette balconies with glorious views, comfy beds and earthy tones. Indulge with all your heart. ​

Tram Tour!

After avoiding the trams and taking the adventurers’ route on foot, my feet deserved a break.
I decided to give the colourful carts a whirl. Top tip while you’re here is to make use of your transport top-up card, saves you a lot of money - never be without it!

There’s something about sightseeing from a tram that feels incredibly right. Beauty forms from the colour and cobbles in motion. You’re also able to take visual snapshots of where you would like to go, very handy! Let yourself relax and take a ride: a perfect way to familiarise yourself with the city.​​

The Tiniest Bookstore

Livraria São Cristovão

The first detour of the morning: a sweet, intimate, cornered delight before heading out to the louder sensations.

Squeeze inside the tiniest bookstore in the world for avid readers to add classic Portuguese literature to your aesthetically pleasing book collections. ​


For The Dancers

Palace of the Marquesses of Frontriera

Time suspended here. I felt transported to the fortresses of bedtime stories I was read to as a child. ​

It was off with my head as I roamed wonderland style garden labyrinths, pop colour elegant architecture, sculptural masterpieces in poise, carefully curated gardens with beautifully trimmed hedges; and a radiant assortment of flowers spaced out and adjacent to the beautiful palace walls.​

Don’t get too wrapped up in taking pictures here that you forget to delve into how it came to be. There’s plenty of fascinating history to be uncovered. ​

The Palace of the Marquesses of Fronteira is living, breathing art. This universe transports you to inside a painting for lovers. ​ ​​

Everyone's Family.

Lisboa Tu And Eu

Oh, how I loved this place. The mellow within a quaint, narrow street. ​

For someone who uses the word ‘hidden’ a lot, you by now may have been able to tell how much I love an authentic experience. However, we look endlessly for ‘hidden’, yet the true destinations will be a deeper trail down the rabbit hole than your popular travel blog spots where it is labelled as such but actually quite the opposite. I’ll spare you the mental gymnastics and offer you REAL hidden. Real authenticity. You can thank me later. ​

Peeking in, don’t expect fancy waiters, flashy dining - anything of the sort. ​

Expect an honest, gentle and humble soul. Basic seating but hearty service, beautiful food made with love and a mural of signatures and sentiments from guests that have been moved by this lovely little getaway. ​​

Conserveira de Lisboa

Fish lovers, wander into this family run business with a Wes Anderson style cinematic array of canned fish. As someone who is not a huge enthusiast of fish but rather interior design, this is a lovely spot - perfect gifts galore for grandma. For a unique experience during your time in Lisbon, this little gem is worth the visit. A warm-toned, authentic shopping experience.​​


The Romantic Ferroviario 

There’s a calming melody to the Tagus river from the vantage point of this luscious rooftop bar: ​

The Ferroviario Terrace bar. ​

I was lucky enough to cuddle in with a blanket in a perfect spot, right by the edge overlooking the water. Not only did I have the best seat, but I picked a great day for entertainment: a cinema screening! Thankfully, this place welcomes travelers, so English subtitles were included!​

My senses were in for a treat: the smell of butter popcorn, the soothing resonance of the Portuguese language and a crimson sunset embracing the sky. ​

Topo Martim Moniz

Unexpectedly, I bar hopped. I must admit it, but I certainly do not regret it. Rooftops are clearly the theme of this blog – sorry, not sorry! They’re a key staple of Lisbon, and on them - there’s no better position to admire the beaming city. ​

Accustomed to being busy on my feet, I picked up on a London edge. Lisbon had to loosen me up and nudge me on the shoulder, lead me to a hideaway; planning isn’t required here. This city is for spontaneity and won’t hesitate in reminding you to relax, let go, shut up and soak in the sights. ​

The atmosphere was truly unbeatable. Guests of all ages dancing to a DJ set of Portuguese beats, lit up by neon lights that compliment the surrounding romantic views, and the secretive Portuguese Licor Beirão – a signature drink dating back to the 19th century with a mysterious undisclosed recipe. ​

Be warned, party people – this drink isn’t for lightweights! Feel young again and let yourself be swept away by this picturesque rooftop paradise. ​


Storybook Sintra

Pena Palace

A ride out of Central Lisbon led me to fairytales and magic. My younger selves’ princess dreams had come true. ​

Treat your eyes to the daffodil walls of a kingdom for happily ever after. ​

Wandering the grounds, I sensed an air of femininity and divinity. Pena’s upbringing is worth exploring; born a medieval chapel dedicated to our Lady of Pena, having survived a disastrous earthquake – its foundation was never beaten.​

With a structure moulded from strength and resilience, there’s no better upbringing for this fantasy. ​

Later, I settled down in the transcendental Praia da Ursa to complete my romantic venture. A rather private spot, the rock formations along the shoreline make for extremely satisfying viewing. While lounging with new friends, stories were shared on how fantastic the views are from cliff-top height. Wear your most comfortable shoes here, and then take them off as you dig your feet into the soft, affectionate sand.​

Reflecting. Leafy Sintra is a deeply comforting place to celebrate living.​


Topo Martim Moniz

By day, pretty dining; by night - a standout destination for music lovers and party animals alike.​

‘Casa Independente’ is the coolest decaying mansion with the best nightlife in Lisbon.​

Brimming full of character, I danced the night away with new friends from all over the world! ​

Inside, it rocks a retro look. ​

The tiger-room: an eccentric spot with a tiger print complementing its wild and sultry red-toned aesthetic. ​

Under bare light, it may appear worn out, hence ‘decaying’ ​

but it’s the people who kindle it. Appreciative of Lisbon’s ability to ignite and utilise the oddest of spaces, Casa Independente bares its soul to those who earn its trust, like the tiger itself. ​

Don’t shy away, be present enough to admire its beauty beyond the surface. ​

Explore the grounds for a graffitied renaissance mural, spiral stairs, and a black and white patterned comfy resting area to massage your worn-out feet from all those crazy moves on the dancefloor. ​


Lisbon ignites the explorer within.​

Characterised by individuality, bold expression, creativity and new heights. This eclectic city has rooted a soft spot in my heart. ​

I loved the people, the music, her history, her passion. ​

For your visit, I have one more surprise for you. ​

A tiny declaration of love for the cultural custom of the Portuguese music scene: indulging in Fado, translation: destiny, fate. ​

Let Tasca do Chico emotionally stir you.​

Ironically, you’ll sense destiny is on your side while being here. ​

I cite this place with love. You’re greeted to a candle-lit spot so theatrical in its ways of expression, yet humble, homely.  The live performances tug your heart strings, and no one is afraid to let themselves go here. You’re free to be you.​

This place will hold your hand, but only for a second – it is up to you to either accept the call and swing into action or miss out on the moment and sit back down. ​

Either way, Tasca do Chico is unapologetically up on its feet. ​