Seeking New Heights With Expo 2020 Dubai

Oh, 2020.

The year felt like a blur, and I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve erased it from your memory entirely. Time spent in your hermitage was most likely consumed by missing community, boisterous streets, food outside of the tins you stored at the height of the chaos, but most importantly, motion.

However, we’ve learnt we can regroup, shift perspective, heal and consider new ways of living.

There’s hope, there’s something bigger in the works and we can be a part of it.

The World Expo is coming to Dubai, the city of superlatives, located in the United Arab Emirates. Our host has quite the reputation, it deserves it. Glitzy sophistication, ultra-urban city streets, picturesque skyscrapers, an appetite for speed.

But that's not all this unique Middle Eastern city has to offer.

Community, diversity, novelty. Gathering our strength in one bustling hub: the balanced hybrid of the restless sky-high cityscape we’ve been craving and its natural peaceful sandy escape in its backyard.

Dubai’s renowned aptitude for cultural interaction crowns it a perfect fit for Expo 2020; the space is always alive and thriving, welcoming guests to indulge in the very best of its livelihood while joining intellectuals, businesses, activists, and artists from around the world. You’re going to want to make the most of your time here and you’re in luck, we’ve got you covered.  We’ll let you in on some of your choices, but first, you must be wondering…when is Expo 2020 Dubai, and more particularly, what is it?

182 days of countries coming together to celebrate our worldly achievements and innovations in the hopes of creating a better home for us all.

Sprouting in October - Harvest Season is a fitting start to this field of innovation. Originally scheduled for October 20, 2020, to April 10, 2021, Expo 2020 Dubai is now taking place from October 1, 2021, until March 31, 2022.

Connecting minds, creating the future is the hook. Tune into seminars, lectures, entertainment, technological innovations, world-class cuisine, business opportunities, and a chance to address global issues from climate to connectivity.

There’s always an urge to exceed the expectations of our ever-growing technological world, but we must move mindfully to protect our planet. Expo 2020 Dubai seeks to do both. The main initiative of this event is to shape our future sustainably, with our natural resources being the heart of its motivation.

This whirlwind of opportunity lasts six months so there’s plenty of time to delve in.

In celebration, different events are going on every week and every day for that matter. Each month there’s a chance to immerse yourself in a range of topics such as sustainability, wellness, and technology, covered by seminars and exhibitions. That’s not all, daily/weekly captivating live events and cultural performances are highlights to behold, featuring all throughout the Expo.

If you’ve strongly missed the thrill of meeting others in person, now you can connect on a deeper level with people from all over the world - not from your burrow of dishevelled clothing piled up in your bedroom, but out in the open: between vibrant visionaries in the enthralling discussion, a warm air accompanied by delicious scents, sweet sounds of live music and chatter, the joys of interacting with strangers as you explore new grounds, even if it’s only by affectionate eye contact or a smile.

With 60+ daily shows, 200+ restaurants, and 191 country pavilions, you’ll want to experience it all. Time is precious now that we can make sense of it again; we’ll certainly not be taking it for granted with these stimulating bucket list ventures below.

Finally, what you’ve been anticipating. Let’s get to it.

What you won’t want to miss at Expo 2020 Dubai?

For The Dancers

Witness a worldly pass the parcel at the Daily Parade

Just as colour alters in-depth and significance, so to every country in our world. Uncover the magic of this concept as each country is given a day to celebrate their unique essence - all unravelling at the “Colours of the World” Parade.

Every day of the Expo, 12:45 to 1:30 pm. Lead your loved ones to leave their comfort zones behind to dance in the street along to this unique and cultural march; featuring international participants, performers, and musicians.

With all these treats, this playful breath of life sets the mood for another great day at Expo 2020 Dubai!


Where to spring into next? A tonal shift - Moroccan Dancing & Culture

Familiarise with charming mystical chords as you let yourself drift to hypnotic, Moroccan music; in full view of stunningly choreographed Moroccan Dancing - highly significant to the country's charismatic culture, feel charmed. 

Happening throughout the event with performances at different hours daily, this is a beautiful event you won't want to miss.

As the hours loosen up

Romantics will fall in love with the Malaysia Truly Asia Cultural Showcase

An evening-time swirl into the pizazz and captivating culture of Malaysia. The Malaysia Truly Asia cultural showcase aims to display its rich heritage by combining traditional music, dance, and cuisine into one paradisical experience.


Longing for even more culture?

There’s a multicultural elixir titled Late Nights @ Expo

Bond with an exhilarating selection of music and music lovers alike under alluring cool-toned night-time ambience, drizzled with lights and laughter, innovative performances, artist mashups, and cultural rhythms to try inside this intoxicating alternate universe.

Late Nights @ Expo happens every Thursday & Friday night from 10.30pm to 1am on the Jubilee Stage, under one safe, loving space: artists, and bands from across the globe share their unique cultures with weekly and monthly performances.

Get your dancing shoes on and we’ll see you there.

After exerting all that energy throughout the nighttime, you’ll want a ‘Sunday Morning’ type of slowing down, and a ton of water.

We begin this section for the visionaries, a series of events sure to provide the mental stimulation you’ve been searching for:

Mellow your mind with art, all the while showing your support for our Oceans with Hammour House Art Workshops.

Here, sustainability and the art world collide with a homage to our precious seas.

You’ll transform into a true artist with a hands-on approach and a full result of your making, as you'll be able to construct every element of your finished piece: from learning how to delicately make sustainable paper to beautifying your canvas as you sculpt and paint corals.

These workshops will be going on at various hours beginning from the end of October until March 25, 2022. Available to those 14 and up.

Compassionate souls of all ages: Hammour House also has other initiatives going on for you too - participate in art sessions, storytelling events, and special screenings.

If you’re travelling with kids or as a family, this is the perfect environment for everyone to get involved in an environment passionate about nurturing our oceans in need.


With another huge gulp, water’s value sinks in:

Behold, the Indoor Rainfall at the Netherlands Pavilion.

A shower in compassion - everyone deserves clean water. Witness life-changing, miraculous inventions at the Neverlands Pavilion - starting with SunGlacier’s indoor rainfall exhibition.

Find yourself empowered as you witness natural resources join in harmony with technology, as freshwater is produced from the air via solar power to irrigate crops, giving back to Mother Earth.

The wonders don't stop there though,

Here comes the sun at Czech Pavilion

Hop over to the Czech Republic Pavilion where a team produces up to 500 litres of drinking and irrigation water from the air using nothing but pure sunlight! A fantastic step toward fair and ethical water distribution in our world.

These are just a couple of the amazingly more sustainable innovations to discover at the Expo. However,

Terra, The Sustainability Pavilion

If you feel inspired and want to delve more into the discussion of real solutions to serious environmental issues happening on our planet, you’re invited to join the conversation in Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion.

Arrive here and prepare to shift your mindset for the better.

With no planet B, it’s vital to know what's happening and act, in whatever way, no matter how small you feel it may be, you’ll learn that it all helps.

This is a safe, beautiful, communal space where your participation is valued. If you ever need to take time out for a breather, you can, in the most reposeful way - wander through an idyllic enchanting forest. By connecting to this event, you’ll receive plenty of inspiration to truly make a beneficial change to the way you live your life.

And now, for the foodies…and just anyone who’s hungry for more

Here’s where to eat at
Expo 2020 Dubai

A huge bonus of so many countries coming together for one fantastic event is all the sensational food they bring with them! Cheap eats, vegan dishes, haute cuisine, street food, and sustainable dishes are all at your fingertips when you visit Dubai for Expo 2020! From classic Emirati dishes to international flair, prepare to sink into your chair as you discover all the divine dishes you’ll be craving.

As we’re in Dubai, it’s custom to accept cultural gifts – most memorably, their luscious food. Head over to the Arabian Teahouse Restaurant & Cafe.

For a tranquillizing indulgence, Emirati dishes are a must. You’re spoiled here. The Arabian Teahouse first opened in 1997 and has been an oasis of culture, hospitality, and delicious eats in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.

And, for even more luxury, stop by the Opportunity District as you’re welcomed into the rich tang of Arabic cuisine in the Emaar Hospitality Tower. Arabian Culture draws attention to the magic in celebration and coming together, making these experiences likely to tickle your taste buds.

If you’re craving a little bit more fantasy, here’s a quirky one. Become a citizen of the future with: The Future of Food: Epochal Banquet

Embarrass your peers with your weirdest robot voice while engaging in a special and unique dining experience. With a name just as compelling as the atmosphere, star in your own sci-fi movie with the Future of Food: Epochal Banquet… Banquet, Banquet, Banquet. (Echo for dramatic effect)

“The Future of Food” is inspired by space, microbiology, artificial intelligence, and hyper-intelligence, transporting you to the year 2030 during a two-hour, three-course culinary adventure. This dining experience is available Saturday to Wednesday all Expo long in the Opportunity District.

For the refined, try ‘Mosuke’.

Awarded a Michel star after just two months of opening, French chef Mory Sacko will be preparing a fascinating blend of culture: African Japanese fusion. It's one of the best restaurants at Expo 2020 Dubai for any foodie looking for incredible cosmopolitan gourmet dishes. Special shout out to my Instagram lovers out there – impress your followers with heavenly specialities. Don’t take too long trying to get the perfect angle though, your loved ones will want to dig in as soon as the plates grace the table!

Last but certainly not least on this list, one cannot forget this mouth-watering sensorial joy. The Ravi Restaurant.

Known as the best Pakistani restaurant in Dubai, Ravi Restaurant will be serving up cultural treats – dip some tasty naan bread in a range of aromatic Pakistani curries, plenty to savour. You’ll find you can’t get enough of the rotating menu with delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available. Don’t miss out, you’ll be able to smell this tasty spot from miles away, follow the irresistible nostril teasing scents all the way to the Mobility District.