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What’s included in my BookMyWiFi Pack?

How does it work?

Which Service provider does BookMyWifi use?

Does a BookMyWifi have good coverage?

Is there a signal in the Metro/Underground?

How long does the battery last?

Can I use the powerbank for charging my other devices too?

How many devices can I connect with the device at one time?

Can you help me in making other arrangements for my stay?

Can I use the device outside of UAE?

Service Related

About the Service

How does the coverage effect the speed of the device?

We are supposed to get a 4G/LTE connection but getting only HSPA+?

Can I use my BookMyWiFi device to make calls?

What all can I do with the service?

Booking and Delivery

How can I book BookMyWiFi device?

Do I need to book in advance?

How do I know the equipment will work when I receive it?

I did not receive my booking email?

What are the different delivery options?

Do you charge for alternate deliveries?

How do I return my device?

What happens if I return the unit whilst it is still turned on?

Support Related


When and how can I contact Customer Service and Technical Support?

Can’t connect to the internet?

My device discharges very quickly

The charger doesn’t charge

The device has powered off

Steps to connect?

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Payments & Refunds

How can I pay for my services?

Do you take a deposit?

When will you release the pre-authorization on my card?

What are the usage charges?

What are the charges for loss or damage?

I tried paying online with my card on KitMyTrip and there was an error. What does this mean?

What are the safety checks on your site for processing my payment?

Can I get a refund in case I cancel my order?

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